Our Stories

The stories from what we have experienced so far

We have lots of experience developing tech solutions for a variety of sectors including Hospitality. Our Stories explain how or solutions can solve common business issues and how as a people first business we ensure they work for you.

Ten Pence

No set-up fee + cost per transaction vs set-up fee + small monthly cost

Push vs Pull

Customers spend more and are more satisfied when they can order themselves with no pressure

The right choice, not endless choice

Giving options is now expected by customers. So what does that mean for hospitality?

Built for x good for y

Our reservation system was created for reserving tables, but it can be used in endless other sectors.

Seven stages of data

Data analysis has a big impact on customer service. The use of effective data analysis can ensure that you offer a better service and protect people’s safety.

Tailor your customer experience at your event

Help your visitors get the most out of your event, from pre-visit, in-visit and post-visit.

Tailor your customer experience

Adactus Intelligence enables you to gather and analyse data about your customers so you can tailor their experience and interaction with you.