The right choice not endless choice

We used to have little choice of how we behaved when it came to food - how and what we bought. Customers were happy with what they were given.

But now we have endless choice, Do we eat out, or eat in, get takeaway, go through the drive thru, do curbside collection or a home cooked meal with a choice of ingredients from all over the world

Giving options is now expected by customers

So what does that mean for hospitality?

Our lifestyles demand for a mixture of options and there is an opportunity for hospitality to make yourself available to the right choice - don't give endless choice that will cause confusion.
Our Adactus Orders product can solve this. It offers a range of food service ordering features, including Order at Table, Waiter Service, Kiosk, Click and Collect, Delivery and Drive-thru. You can pick which feature will suit your business, and avoid confusing your customers.

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