In-visit customer ordering solution

People-first tech transforming ordering

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More and more food service brands are offering guests the option to order via a website or app, this maybe for delivery or collection, or, increasingly, for Order at Table. This enables customers to order on their own devices or via a kiosk or drive-thru screen

We ensure that the user experience is engaging and easy to follow:

  • Identifying the right location and type of order
  • Showcasing products, prices, offers, deals in a way tailored to the guest’s needs e.g. showing kids menu to those with children, nutritional or allergen info to those who need it
  • Enabling the guest and their party to manage the pace of their visit – including payment when it’s time to go
  • Ensuring the front- and back-of-house team are consistently and accurately informed on what the guest wants – so they can offer a great service

Guests then consistently spend more money and report greater satisfaction when using the product versus offline ordering

Capture the most valuable data – who your guests are and what they order – so you can talk to them in more relevant, personalised ways.

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