The Exit Conundrum

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As we wait for an official “exit from lockdown” we’ve been thinking about some of the conundrums and conflicts that are facing our clients.

A top priority for many people will be to see family and friends and to start doing the things we’ve always considered as “normal” – eating out, going to school or work.

Some aspects of ‘normal’ feel like they may never quite be the same again. Shopping has already changed as we see queues outside retail stores, with social distancing rules needing to be met; many restaurants are running on takeaway only, if they can even do that, and attempting to figure out how they will run efficiently and safely in the future.

As for learning and work, re-opening schools and universities does not look like a straightforward task, and the “old” rush hour in cities is not something anyone will want to hurry back to and work spaces will need to be reconfigured.

Confidence and demand will have changed through this experience; old habits and routines have been broken. As changes to how we must behave begin to emerge once lockdown is lifted, how will business operations change? How will brands ensure staff and customers feel safe?

The first challenge will be to show people they do not need to be afraid, that measures have been taken to ensure their safety. This may mean removing half the tables from restaurants to ensure social distancing is adhered to, or better systems to manage queueing outside shops on busy high streets. What will the new ‘normal’ look like?

We are sure that, whatever this situation throws at us, solutions will be found. People are so clever, creative, resilient; able to collaborate, learn, discover, and invent. They will fix this. Technology will be an enabler.

Adactus is a people-first tech firm. We are ready to play our part.