Introducing Josie

Our new intern

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January 2021

Hi, I’m Josie. Introducing myself here is my first assignment with Adactus as our first ever intern.

I finished my A-levels last year and I’m taking a gap year and looking forward to starting a degree course in marketing later this year.

I was delighted when Adactus invited me to join the company with responsibility for key parts of the marketing plan. It will be a great opportunity for me, and I really hope that my skills and abilities will make a positive contribution to the business.

Adactus have several products that help other businesses and I like that in helping Adactus tell people about their products, I’ll be helping other companies too.

I’m looking forward to getting started on social media, blog posts, advertising and PR copy and imagery (and hope I’ve made a good impression in my first assignment!).

When asked about taking on an intern, Scott Muncaster, Managing Director of Adactus said:

“We have always offered work experience and taken on apprentices which has been great fun. Having an intern will help us as we do have lots of messages we want to communicate in this strange year. A fresh perspective like Josie’s will ensure our stories are told really clearly.”

Rebecca Cleare, Head of HR, said:

“As a company we firmly believe that there’s more to life than just a job; employing an intern helps put this belief into practice. It means we can live up to our company values of caring about what we do, and it’s a great opportunity to be able to outreach into our wider community.”