Our Product Range

We’ve built solutions that address real business needs. We take our core products and tailor them to your specific needs.

Adactus Online Ordering

If you need to offer Order At Table, Delivery and / or Collection, choose a solution with over 500 million orders and counting – on the clock. One with a proven track record in managing complex products and menus, deals and vouchers.

Adactus SmartQ

Take-a ticket for walk-ins, appointment slots for assisted visits or table bookings for food service; SmartQ shows your guests you’re open and ready to welcome them for a safe and enjoyable visit​.

Adactus Checklist

Distribute and track tasks across your workforce so you know important stuff is being done on time and to the required standard​.

Adactus In & Out

In a Working From Anywhere world, schedule and track your team and resources so you’re safe productive​.

Adactus Reception

Welcome visitors to your workplace with our reception application, ask them to check in on your sanitised reception tablet or via their own device.

Adactus Smart Slides

Adactus SmartSlides is a slide management system that allows teams to view the latest version of a slide deck using criteria they select through the platform.

Adactus Analytics

Our insight team will help you turn your data into profit. Whether you have an established CRM programme or are just beginning your journey into data, we can help​.