Our Values

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Becca Cleare - Head of HR writes

"Uncovering our company values was a critical step for us.

Our vision is to be a people first company and a key target in our business plan is to have a value aligned culture. All that was missing was those company values!

We knew the team had to be heavily involved in bringing out the values. It wouldn’t have been accurate if the management team told everyone else what they were, and it would be hard for the team to live values they didn’t believe in."


We held several workshops asking questions about what we are like from our perspective and from a client perspective, what we were good at and what's important to us.

We started with 250 different ways of describing ourselves, which together we narrowed down to 10 clusters, then into 5 company values. We sense checked this last stage via the working group to make sure we had the right language and sentiment. Then we presented them to the entire company.


"Bringing the values out has been a great collaborative effort – from those involved in the workshops, to the great designs on the wall art displaying the values in the office and meeting rooms. Everybody can see themselves in our values.

They are easy to see and easy to slot into our everyday ways of working to keep us true to our culture.

It's a great way to explain who we are and what we are like to work with."