Safe, fair, sustainable queuing

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One of the challenges in our lives right now is how we shop safely, observing social distancing. It seems clear that social distancing will be essential for a long time to come. We’ll need sustainable queue management solutions in the days to come, when more retailers are open and there are more queues through carparks and down high street pathways.

Our product, SmartQ, is a digital ‘take a ticket’ system, where customers take their place in your queue using their phone and can wait safely (e.g. in their car) until invited to enter your store. Key features include:

  • Customers can “take a ticket” via app, text or from one of your team (contact free)
  • Reduce time spent close to people – wait in car
  • Configurable for your brand and operation
  • Managed by your team on any android or apple device
  • GDPR compliant

The app is ready to demo and we want retailers input to shape the finer details so that the system works for their specific operation.

We want to help people in the current crisis. We think we can achieve something positive together, improving everyone’s shopping experience, making queues safer and fairer in a sustainable way.