Finding our way out of the storm

We're a partner, not a supplier

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The working relationships we have with colleagues and clients are why we do what we do. Many clients have been with us through multiple projects over many years and see us as a partner, not a supplier, which is just the way we like it!

Today we are focusing on the current crisis; how it is affecting Adactus and our clients and how we can, together, figure a way out.
Our clients are finding themselves in one of three states due to the Coronavirus situation:

1. They are unaffected – supply and demand continue as before, however there are not too many in this position.
2. They are ready to supply, but demand has disappeared due to the lockdown.
3. They are not able to supply, due to lockdown restrictions, even though demand remains.

So, we can either bury our heads in the sand and wait for this to all blow over – or we can think laterally:

  • Can we find - or create - new demand for our products or services in the current situation? The F1 teams aren’t racing – so they’ve pointed their engineers at the challenge of making ventilators.
  • Can we find a different way to supply what we have, finding new ways to serve in these crazy times? Some restaurants have re-purposed as shops, take-aways or even online wine sellers.

We’ve got a great deal of experience in creating and delivering solutions across multiple sectors – let’s talk about how this could help your company to adapt to our new realities and the recovery that we know will, one day, follow. We’ll be amazed what we can achieve together.

Contact us to start productive conversations on how together we can weather the storm.