Core products leading the way in 2022

Adactus has shifted focus from bespoke software projects to the launch of 3 customer experience product ranges.

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April 2022

Core products leading the way in 2022

Our hospitality clients have shifted focus from tactical efforts to pick their way through the Covid minefield to more strategic development, designing their customer experience for the next five years and beyond. As a result, Adactus has shifted focus from bespoke software projects to the launch of 3 customer experience product ranges:

- Ordering transactions
- Reservations, waitlists and event ticketing
- Data-driven intelligence


Adactus Orders offers a range of Restaurant/Food service ordering features, including Order at Table, Waiter Service, Kiosk, Click and Collect, Delivery and Drive-thru. This product helps hospitality businesses to improve the consistency and quality of the customer experience offered, by:

Identifying the right location and type of order
Showcasing products, prices, offers and deals in a way tailored to the guest’s needs e.g. kids menu to those with children, nutritional or allergen info to those who need it
Enabling the guest and their party to manage the pace of their visit – including payment when it’s time to go
Ensuring the front- and back-of-house team are consistently and accurately informed on what the guest wants – so they can offer a great service

Guests consistently spend more money and report greater satisfaction when using the product versus offline ordering – and important marketing data is collected about every visit.


Adactus Reservations was initially designed for the hospitality sector but has adapted to cover other sectors’ operations, with features including resource reservation, service appointments and event ticketing.

Offering a reservation service is a win-win; many customers need the certainty of a confirmed booking when planning a visit, and businesses are better able to plan service and offer a personalised welcome to customers who have booked. At busy times, a waitlist can allow customers to be contacted via a call, SMS or email when, for example, a table is free — so a sale that would otherwise be lost is captured. Deposits and communication tools can reduce the impact of no-shows, and integration to ordering can offer guests the option to pre-order or pre-pay – e.g. for Christmas parties.


Our Data Intelligence product offers CRM through a single view of the customer, collating and organising data from all customer touchpoints.

Key features include:

  • Secure and GDPR compliant single view of the customer (SVC) database
  • Integration with all customer systems – ordering, reservations, EPOS, wifi, website, email...
  • Segmentation tools so brands can personalise and tailor communication to be more relevant
  • Manage and evaluate always-on and campaign communication
  • Analyse business performance over time to find new opportunities

We work with some of the biggest names in hospitality. We’ve built solutions that address real business challenges, whether you have one venue or four hundred.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business.