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Consumers don’t believe restaurants will be able to meet their needs this Christmas

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November 2020

Our latest report provides insight from research that was carried out between 09 October 2020 and 11 October 2020. It is based on responses from i) 500 owners or managers of restaurants, pubs and hotels in England and ii) 2000 consumers in England that have changed plans or cancelled a restaurant reservation to eat out between 1st December to 31st December at a restaurant, pub or hotel.

Here are our key findings

Key findings - Consumers don-t believe restaurants will be able to meet their needs this Christmas 3

Scott Muncaster, Managing Director of Adactus and creator of the SmartQ Bookings system said:
“Clearly our study has found that people are not changing their Christmas plans to eat out due to their fear of catching the virus, but due to the ‘rule of six’ and 10pm curfew. Many people would still like to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with meals out but are being put off by the restrictions.

“There is still time for restaurants to persuade guests to book to celebrate with them, albeit in different ways to a normal Christmas. They should be talking about the Christmas period with their guests now, focusing on what IS possible within the restrictions – smaller groups enjoying a memorable and safe festive experience while following the rules we all need to live by. Clear communication and a robust booking system are essential to providing guests with the inspiration and reassurance they need then making it easy for them book their table.”

To read the full report please view here: