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Navigating the changes of Covid restrictions

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March 2021

Throughout this year, businesses will have to navigate the changes of Covid restrictions and adapt to offer the best experience for customers.

2021: the year we couldn’t wait for. The year we hope to get our lives and businesses back on track, hopefully with fewer restrictions. Now a road map has been announced, we need to tie our business plans and activities to the changing rules.

Every business will need to understand what the different phases mean for them and their customers. Customers will want clarity and reassurance that business are on top of this. For the early phases this could mean switching between your normal operating model and something more stripped back, such as BOPIS.

Businesses should let customers know what to expect

In a fast-changing environment, businesses that can be agile and pivot between modes will be more successful than those that are slow to react. Showing customers what to expect when they visit will be very important in inspiring confidence to visit and spend their money with you.

  • Are you open as normal, or are you only providing a BOPIS service?
  • Will they have to queue?
    • If so, for how long?
    • Will it be properly socially distanced?
    • Can they bring their kids?
  • Can they make an appointment or book a slot so they don’t have to queue?
  • Can they pre-order and collect?

A great first experience is essential for repeat visists - and remember, a disatisfied customer tells their friends! So, getting this right is really important.

How can we assist you in managing visits?

Adactus has spent the last 20 years building systems to manage customer experiences in several sectors, with a particular focus on hospitality.

We’ve spent the last 12 months adapting our customer ordering, booking and queuing systems so you never miss a sale in this rapidly changing environment.

SmartQ helps businesses like yours offer the best experiences by:

  • Telling customers that you’re open, if you’re offering click and collect, how long the queue is...
  • Turning queuing and booking functionality on and off as conditions dictate
  • Ensuring customers know how to book or queue and minimise no-shows
  • Making sure that this is easy to do

Providing this service shows your staff and customers that you have thought about their safety and comfort. Remember, 96% of customers say good service is an important factor in their choice of brand.

Our SmartQ products are ready to use in a variety of commercial settings and can be adapted for specific business needs.

Contact us for a friendly chat to see if SmartQ can help you navigate the changes 2021 will bring.