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Consumers Christmas

Consumers don’t believe restaurants will be able to meet their needs this Christmas

Pre-Covid footfall

Getting back to pre-covid footfall


During lockdown workforces have been forced to separate and work from home to keep everyone safe. We wanted to share with you what Adactus have been getting up to in lockdown to ensure we all felt like one team.

Virtual work experience

Navigating working life during a global pandemic has of course had its challenges, mainly for us it has been the lack of interaction with our colleagues and clients

Changing behaviours post lockdown

Retailers and other service businesses planning to reopen after lockdown have lots to think about and do before they can open their doors

Brand with music and sound

Is the music more powerful to a brand than we have ever realised?

The exit conundrum

As we wait for an official “exit from lockdown” we’ve been thinking about some of the conundrums and conflicts that are facing our clients.

Best queue in the UK

Can Thame be the town with the best managed, safest queues in the UK?

Safe, fair, sustainable queuing

One of the challenges in our lives right now is how we shop safely, observing social distancing. It seems clear that social distancing will be essential for a long time to come.

Finding our way out of the crisis

The working relationships we have with colleagues and clients are why we do what we do. Many clients have been with us through multiple projects over many years and see us as a partner, not a supplier, which is just the way we like it!

Realising your potential

There is no denying that the world is facing extremely testing and unprecedented times and we are all facing challenges that we never thought possible.

Adactus Values

Our vision is to be a people first company and a key target in our business plan is to have a value aligned culture. All that was missing was those company values!