Big Data and the IoT

“Big Data is like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, nobody really knows how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they are doing it.”

So said Dan Ariely, Behavioural Economist.

However, there usually comes a time when you want to find out what all the whispers are about and whether you need to be in on the act!

Big Data and The Internet of Things is just such a thing

It’s the fastest growing trend in technology and, like it or not, it’s poised to change everything. Gartner reckon that by 2020 the number of connected objects will increase by 30 times current levels, making this a massive opportunity just waiting to be tapped.



Technology is no longer for nerds

The Internet has become commonplace for most people within their daily lives. Consumers are tech-savvy, with data literally at their fingertips allowing for smarter decision making. As a consequence, retailers are having to rapidly adopt IoT to avoid losing out – and it’s not only the big players such as Amazon who are chucking money at it, smaller enterprises are quickly waking up to the fact they too need to get on-board.

Customer is still king

Consumers may fear big brother is monitoring their every move but by analysing customer activity; when they go online; their browsing habits and the products they’re viewing; retailers can personalise their offering based on individual needs, making life easier for everyone.

Data is good; consumers can easily shop around to ensure they’re getting the best deal and retailers can monitor this activity to ensure they’re offering the best deal. The data potential IoT offers has to be recognised as a great opportunity to engage with consumers in a highly relevant, value-added way.

Where do I sign up?

IoT is still in its early days and subsequently no one provider has an end-to-end solution yet, although software developers such as Adactus are well placed to realise the potential. Not everything is plug-and-play-out-of-the-box and as bespoke developers we understand the individual components of IoT that together will change the way we operate in the future.

Adactus have the winning combination to lead the IoT effort; offering device management, analytics, data visualisation and the ability to integrate with 3rd party systems via whatever technology is required to facilitate it.