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Why custom-built software has the edge

A lot of companies out there use off-the-shelf software and applications and, whilst these may fulfil an immediate requirement, they often lack certain features you need. What’s more, you’re paying for a whole load of functions that aren’t relevant to either your business or your working practices and that you’ll never use.

Therefore, whilst the initial outlay for a bespoke service is more expensive, in the long term you may well save money, and here’s why:

It’s simple

As you’d expect, bespoke software is designed specifically around your business so you don’t have to deal with unwanted or irrelevant features. This reduces learning time, is more efficient to use and as a result keeps initiation costs down.

There’s a smooth transition

Bespoke software can be gradually introduced, allowing for constant alignment with your business throughout the process, and be customised to integrate smoothly with any other key software already in use. This limits the likelihood of any unforeseen downtime due to incompatibility or lack of training - everybody’s in the loop and well prepared.

You’re in the driving seat

From the outset, you get to say what you want, what you like and what you don’t like. There is no pressure to upgrade just because there’s a later version with new features and changes you don’t want or need. This also means you won’t have problems such as new versions not being backwards compatible with old data or the screen layout changing and incurring a new learning curve. It’s your software, your choice.

You can make it your own

Being involved in the design and development from the outset, you're in a position to ensure the site offers a clear and consistent message about what your company stands for, and what differentiates it from the competition.

Get to know your customers better

Everybody’s collecting customer data to inspire brand loyalty and increase sales. Going down the bespoke route allows you to include tailored multi-user tools that will centrally store customer information ready for quick and accurate data validation, segmentation and analysis.

Because 'you' are bespoke

Very few businesses are identical, cooker-cutter enterprises. They all have their own unique geographic parameters such as currency, time-zones, languages, financial practices (tax, duties) and so forth. It therefore makes complete sense to fully customise your software to meet your specific requirements.

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