The Chilli Challenge

I blame Scott. Having spotted trays of chilli seedlings going cheap at his local garden centre, a cunning plan was hatched to raise money for our chosen charity Get Kids Going! and have some fun in the process!

Monday morning and everyone has a seedling on their desk with the daunting task of raising this baby to meet the challenge of 1) being the tallest, and 2) bearing the most chillis.  Anyone suspected of swapping their dying specimen further down the line with a nursery bought winner would be subjected to a forfeit, and, inkeeping with the theme, this would involve Scotch Bonnets. 

So far so good. With careful nurturing and liberal watering and feeding, there were some serious contenders for the tallest plant with Sandeep taking the lead!

Stage two is when it gets interesting and, due to some dismal crops, the competition was opened up to everyone to make a chilli product that wouldn't look out of place in a restaurant. 

With judgement day finally upon us, the meeting room was transformed into a formidable banquet (more like a bun fight) with the finalists vying for the top spot.  Having made his last will and testamount, Judge Muncaster took up the spoon ...

And, in no particular order, the finalists were:

  • Danny's chilli, coconut and lime sorbet
  • Kavitha's green chilli chicken masala with a chilli mojito
  • Sandeep's chilli and garlic chutney sandwichs 
  • Tom's Jamaican jerk chicken
  • Scott's (is that allowed?) chilli rocky road
  • and my chilli salsa washed down with chilli vodka


Obviously the chilli mojito and vodka shots helped no end, but the clear winner, with an outstanding afterburn, was Tom who, knowing what a suspicious bunch we are, even had photographic evidence on his phone of the night before's efforts, as if!

Well done Tom!

The charity fund is looking good, with over £1500 raised so far, now all we need to do is think up another challenge that somehow incorporates a drink and a curry!